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Hatty De Barnard

Nude Tin Can opened its doors in May 2015 in the beautiful Roman city of St Albans, which boasts a direct train to Central London in 18 minutes - with the gallery a gentle 9 minute walk from St Albans City Station and a 15 minute walk from City Centre. Run by art enthusiast - Hatty De Barnard an art collector in Saint Albans who has a background in media and design, illustration, painting and photography. Hatty started organising art exhibitions back in 2010, shortly after completing a BA Hons Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. She naturally progressed into curating and marketing and in 2014 a temporary event lead to the opening of permenant venue in Fleetvile, St Albans, Hertfordshire.

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125 Hatfield Road
St Albans


01727 569291

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'Woo Hoo' Award 2017

The gallery sells art from a number of artists and visits art fairs in London to scout for original items and paintings as well as discover the best local artists who are ready for the London scene. We have pushed the boundaries over the past two years with intriguing and challenging exhibitions.  We plan to show ourselves, as the art gallery for serious art lovers, the place to buy original paintings unigue items and

An imensely important part of what we do is promote artists. Any artist who is serious about their career, we will be serious about you. Taking part in one of our open call exhibitions leads positive opportuities and doors opening. As many artists we exhibit go on to be accepted to national competitions, exhititions, art fairs and really do get noticed in the art world. We've met our artists and know them very well.

Our shows are curated with quality, originality and uniqueness in mind, we develop long standing relationships of respect and trust with our artists and continue to work on further sales even after an exhibition has ended.  Our clients love Nude Tin (as we have fondly become known as), because we are real.  We strongly know that falling in love with a piece of art can only happen if you see in person, and we'll do all we can to introduce you it before you.

Below is a video made by James Dann who himself is destined for a great future.