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One of my first memories is when my dad played Eddie Grant’s songs for me, when I was 4 years old and that growing feeling in me - how great it would be to create art. From those days I knew I would become an artist.

Life inspires me to create. Connection between people, human condition. I may feel inspired by a situation or just by feeling. Lyrics inspire me the most, phrases that remain deeply engraved in me. Often those words and letters appear in my mind, resound in my body. I want to show the sensation and connection of powerful words and fluttering energy with rhythm and space through the use of multiple layers.
My ultimate accomplishment would be - to change other people’s inner world and to colour the emptiness in their lives, to put smiles on their faces and a little bit of music on their walls. I would like that those who see my work, feel secure and know there is somebody else who feels the same in this alienated world which we are all part of.

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