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A British artist / printmaker who specialises in texture and hand-pulled collagraph printing. Her collections to date have been influenced by her personal journey and study of Ancient civilizations, their philosophies, mythologies and spiritual images.
After graduating from Art and Design college, Kim’s art career has spanned over 30 years from surface pattern designing for the gift industry, teaching Art and Design, to book illustrating in the 90′s. She has worked with clients including Habitat, Harrods, John Lewis, Safeways, Debenhams and Boots.

The journey into collagraph printmaking came on the back of an interesting book brief, requiring images from the mythological world of Lumeria, the time before Atlantis. This process so intrigued her she followed it through, by layering the images up with mixed media, iridescent metallic threads and precious foils, taking hand-pulled collagraph prints in a new direction. She has now taken her hand embellishing further, with many of her large gallery pieces exploring texture and the marriage of collagraph with tarnished embossed metals, soluble fibres, natural barks and stitching.

St Albans Art Gallery Nude Tin Can Logo

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