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Portrait artist Lucretia Elizabeth will be holding her much anticipated solo exhibition at Nude Tin Art Gallery in St Albans, which opens on 4 August at 7pm. As a painter my imagery depicts both the male and female forms.  Predominately encapsulating the gaze as a female artist.  Responding to the supposed perfection of the feminine as physical object in art history and contemporary cultures obsessive analysis of self. Visually re-telling narratives spoken by artists in the past.  Biblical, Mythological and Literary sources.  Placing robust and emotive characters in the place of the expected passive objectified nude.  Often using my own likeness. Creating an interesting intellectual aesthetic and psychological play with the inherent views of the spectator.

The turbulent relations created in male/female work is present in the almost unspoken dialogue - existing through symbolism and physical interaction.  The Biblical Adam and Eve is a perfect narrative for my idiosyncratic depictions.  Lending itself to unspoken sexualisation of the image and
fecundity.  Symbolism materializes as masks while foliage and animals add to the thought provoking paintings.  These unique responses to the figurative discourse have been exhibited in both group and solo shows, in UK art gallery's and Internationally.