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'Hesperides' Oil on canvas 90cm x 90cm

(95x95 framed)



Colour can influence, create, provoke, fascinate and stimulate in a myriad of ways. There is a science behind colour and a philosophy circulating around that science which l was exposed to from an early age. My father, Polish artist and student of Theosophy, Andrzej Blazej Marian Wolny taught me that there is more to art than meets the eye, and in fact, art and science can coexist.
Whilst studying science at Warwick I became increasingly interested in the use of colour; not just as a medium in which to paint but to directly stimulate or influence the viewer.

Over the years I have developed my own particular technique and style involving the manipulation of oil paint through complex layering and knife work. The result is a dramatic collision of both texture and colour.
The various angles created in the paintings allow the oil to reflect light and subsequently, as the light changes, so does the painting. The natural light of the morning or artificial light of the evening alters the mood of the piece giving it a personal quality; expressing a changeable character.